Thursday, October 24, 2013



Here's a little freebie for all of you who enjoy coffee...
and even if you don't enjoy coffee...


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This is a thank you card I made for my brother, Ron.  A couple of weeks ago he gave me a scanner and an iPad...wasn't that sweet of him!!!  Thank you, Ron!!!  I'm having a lot of fun with my new iPad.

Again, I used the "Create a Stamp With a Punch" technique on this card too.  I'm having sooooo much fun with that technique.

Thank you again, Jodi, for the is beyond fun!!!  :)

I just checked and the little butterfly stamp that I used for the background doesn't have a name on it.  The stamp itself is a red rubber and it's mounted on a large clear acrylic block.  The stamp is one of many that I got after a friend of mine passed away.  My friend, Joanne, and I stamped together for about 15 years!!!  She was 88 years young and I miss her sooooo!!!  We always had sooooo much fun together.  After she went to Heaven, her daughters had me over to her house for several days to help clean out her stamp room and they told me I could take as much of her stamp paraphernalia as I would like.  It was pretty sad...but now I'm glad I have a lot of her things to remember her by.  A special thank you to Sandy and Mary Jo.  Joanne was an AWESOME friend and I will ALWAYS miss her!!!

The butterfly on the front of the card came from  She has some BEAUTIFUL images on her site.  I added some little white pearl beads for the eyes, some bling on the body and I made an antenna out of gold wire.  I also added a black butterfly under the main butterfly.  In real life the main butterfly doesn't blend in with the background like it does here.