Saturday, October 6, 2012

I just love this image of a little boy climbing up into his tree house. I was raised with mostly boys in my family, and mostly boys in my neighborhood, so I did all the things the boys did too, so this image takes me back a few years.  Oh the joys of childhood!
This is a free online image from
There are tons of wonderful images on this site.
I always color online images with my Koh-I-Noor colored pencils.  If you use markers on these images the printer ink tends to bleed.  These are the BEST colored pencils I've ever seen, as they have a very soft lead and color very nicely.
The HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the right side of the card was done in my Printshop 6.0 card program.

Here's the site for this free image:


  1. What a great image! I love this! I loved my fort that I had as a child. It was the best place on earth at that time.

  2. TY Kristen for the comment and for visiting my site. I too had a wonderful childhood in the great outdoors of Upstate New York. We were outside day and night, winter, spring, summer, and fall! What memories!!!

  3. Hey Kristen...I found the site for this free image...Please let me know if you get this...I looked for your email address and haven't found it. If I do, I will email the site to you.