Thursday, May 6, 2010


One of my favorite techniques is stamping on photos of clouds.
I'm sure you've all seen the awesome clouds that float up in the sky during the months of March and April. Springtime is the best time to take these photographs.
You want to make sure most of the white part of the clouds is from the bottom to 3/4Th's the way up the photo because that's the area you are going to stamp and color on. If you have blue sky at the bottom of the photo then your image comes out too dark when you stamp and color it. So you want to make sure your card is mostly white clouds with a little bit of blue sky towards the top.
The images on this card are from Stampscapes.


  1. These cloud cards are remarkable. I'd like to try them. Are they printed on photo paper or cardstock? And what kind of ink do you use for stamping and coloring?

  2. GrannieR, TY for your comment. Wow I haven't been on my site for a while and didn't know people were making comments. COOL!!! :) I simply stamped on an actual photograph with dye ink and color with Tombo and/or Marvy markers. I take photos of the clouds and print them out on photo paper. Please read the above suggestions for the taking of the photographs as that is very important. I am quite behind on my site as I've had a lot of friends/family pass away recently, and I've also been sick for four months. But, I am doing much better now and hope to add a lot more cards to my site soon. TY for stopping by!
    Cindy :)