Friday, May 28, 2010


I love this card. It is sooooo pretty when you see it in real life! These were flowers I dried myself. After the flowers are dried, you lay the flowers out on the sticky side of clear Self-Adhesive Laminating paper. After you get the arrangement you want, then top it with another sheet of laminating paper, making sure to get as much air out as possible without breaking the flowers, and seal the edges of the laminating paper very well. When you make dried flower cards they come out sooooo stunning. You would surprise yourself!
The easiest way I find to dry the flowers is to place the flower between the pages of a large book, such as a dictionary. Close the book and then place several other large books on top of it and let it sit for a few weeks. The results are fabulous!
P. S. Don't add too many flowers to a page/book as it could cause too much dampness and the flowers could mildew.

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