Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pearl Ex

This looks like a pretty plain card, but in person it just pops.
The background is done with glossy black card stock. I put dots/swirls of Marvy Metallics on the card stock and then wadded up a piece of plastic wrap and dabbed all over the card stock to spread around the metallic ink. You have to dab the ink quickly as it dries rather quickly.
The angel is by Penny Black and is stamped with pigment ink and embossed and then painted with Pearl-Ex paints.


  1. This card is really gorgeous and I'm intrigued by the background technique on black glossy. I also hope that everything is ok with you as you haven't posted since May and it is now January. I'll check back again and see if you are back. Trish H., Canada

  2. Ok this is my THIRD time in trying to answer this post. Hope it goes through this time.
    Hi Gidget-Trish. I'm sooooo sorry I didn't answer this sooner. I didn't even know people were posting on my site until today. WoW I'm excited! Yes, I've been gone for a long time I know. This past year I've had a brother and too many close friends all pass away. And I've been sick for the last four months with some sort of lung thing that went into pneumonia. I'm doing much better now and hope to be adding more cards to my site soon. I have sooooo many to add. TY for your sweet comments and please check back again soon.
    Cindy :)